May Have Finally Figured Out My Plot


I spend a lot of time at work thinking about the plot of the novel.

Today, I managed to make it all the way through work without thinking up an entirely different plot.

So, now, I think I may have finally settled on the actual plot of the novel. There is a huge amount of potential conflict built in to the plot and all I have to do is think up every possible thing that could go wrong and run with it.

I am quite glad of this, because I was growing tired of starting work with one plot in my head and finishing work with a totally different one. The details of the plot are what I have to think upon a great deal. I know enough about the first act that I can probably sit down and start writing on it.

The novel is pretty religious themed and that is going to turn some people off, I fear. But that’s what I want to talk about. I want to talk about religion. A little part of me still wants it to be about reverse culture shock, but I can’t figure out how to fit that angle into the story.

Anyway. I may go for a little bit of a drink tonight and then come back and write on the novel. That is one possible thing that might happen. I might just take a nap and wake up early in the morning and do it then. I don’t know yet. Depends on how I feel in the next few minutes what I’m going to do. Some tequila sure would be nice right now.

Continue To Struggle With The Plot Of The Novel


I keep writing and re-writing the novel’s plot. Right now, the story is a technological, modern interpretation of the beginning of the Christian faith.


I generally know what I want to address with the story, but the specifics are difficult to pin down. So, I keep changing things as I think up different angles. If I could find someone to help me with all of this, I might be able to stick to one plot. But people keep saying they’re interested and then vanishing.

I believe I have figured out how to make the Hero the center of the story. That has been a big problem from the beginning of all of this. But I’ve finally — I think — managed to figure out what I want to do.

But anyway. Everything continues to be up in the air. I don’t know, really, what I’m doing.

Trying To Figure Out How To Make My Hero The Center Of The Plot Is Tough


It’s back to the drawing board for me.

I realize that I can’t do what I want to do — which is tell the story of Christianity using a “all female cast,” if you will — because my Hero is male.

So, I am going to think long and hard about how I’m going to fix that. I have some ideas, but nothing solid yet. It’s really tough because I have all these different desires as to what I want to with the story that are conflicting in nature. So, I have the general idea down pat, but the specifics keep changing at a rapid rate.

I want to talk about religion and technology in the novel’s plot. I know that for sure. But I also want the Hero to be, well, the Hero. I want the story to be about him. I keep thinking up different ways to do what I want to do, but none of them quite fit my vision of things.

So, I’m stumped for the moment. I think it’s possible I have an idea as to what I want to do, but I can’t quite bring myself to believe that it’s actually what I want to do.

I just don’t know right now. I have a lot of thinking to do.

That Time A Husband Threatened Me Because I Was Talking To His Wife About My Novel


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So this happened.

I am no innocent. I can be a real asshole sometimes, but generally I actively try not to be. I’m generally a nice guy. I really am. So, imagine my surprise when I randomly got a Facebook message from someone saying, “stop talking to my wife. now.” Turns out he’s the husband of a woman I’ve very innocently, very casually been talking to about my novel’s plot.

This made me very angry. For once, I wasn’t doing anything I wasn’t supposed to be doing and here I was getting in trouble.

Things only got worse when wife pops up cheerfully saying she was going to look at my latest version of my plot. I told her, “your husband doesn’t want me to talk to you anymore.” She was shocked and dismayed at this revelation.

Anyway, he finally came back to me, saying, “thanks, ass.”

Apparently I got him in trouble. Good. I’m glad. Asshole. If he had explained to me what the situation was, or told his wife own his own, then that would have been a different matter. Now I have to worry about him hunting me down and killing me I felt like “poking” the woman on Facebook just so I could say I’d done it.

But anyway.

I hope she’s ok. And hopefully this is the end of it. I don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone because of my novel.

The Second Act Of The Novel Continues To Cause Trouble


The second act of my novel continues to cause me trouble.

I know I want to tell the general story of the Christian faith, but the second act remains a mystery to me.

I have a general idea what I want to do with it, but specifics of it leave me puzzled.

So, I keep sending the outline to people, hoping that they’ll give me input as to how to make it better. But I send it to be people and nothing happens. I have finally written an official outline and, but the middle of the second act is way too meh and way too short.

I honestly don’t know what to make of this situation. I have honed the first act down to pretty much what I want. I have begun to write the novel itself, hoping that something will come to me as I write it. I keep changing things a little bit as I go along, so I’m not really abiding by the outline strictly. But I really enjoy writing just in general and so I even though a lot of people think I suck as a writer, I do it just as form of therapy if nothing else.

So, I will probably work on the story some tonight. It’s a fun little diversion from an otherwise crappy life.

Stranger In A Strange Land, Redux


I find myself struggling with the second act of the new novel I’m working on. I have totally changed the plot and I don’t quite know what I’m going to do.

Things have become quite grandiose really quickly in the second act and find myself scratching my head as to how I’m going to make this new outline work. I may just start writing on the story and then change things as I go along, depending on how the story goes.

But the first act is definitely going to be greatly influenced by the New Testament. The second act, however, is still very much up in the air. I just don’t know what I’m going to do with it. The story is about the Hero in the second act and I just don’t know on a personal level what I want him to get himself into.


I keep talking to be people who give me valid input and then I change the story because of what they’ve told me. But I am beginning to feel more self-confident about what I’m writing.

It would be nice if someone would believe enough in this novel to be willing to let me bounce ideas off of them for the long haul.

Getting A Lot Of Writing Done, For Once


I find myself settling in for a nice evening of writing. I feel inspired when it comes to the novel, if nothing else. I’m trying to use what free time I have productively.

Now that I have a “real” job, my free time becomes much more precious to me. I have spent the last few hours writing on the novel and trying to hone the first few pages of the novel as best as I can. Writing a novel is a lot of work. You really have to believe in what you’re doing.

I am drawing a lot from my personal life at this point. I’m just using it as a stepping off point for fiction.

I aim to write about 100,000 in regards to the novel, but that’s just an arbitrary goal. I have no idea how many words the novel will endup being. But it’s nice to feel inspired for once. I just have to keep going. I just have to keep writing. I don’t want to waste what free time I do have. I want to be productive.

I keep asking people to take a look at the outline I’ve written and people keep ignoring me. That makes me a bit sad, but there is little I can do about it.

Anyway. I need to get back to writing.

An Intriguing Korea Unification Scenario


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By Shelton Bumgarner

I have been bouncing the following Korean unification scenario off of Nathan J. Hunt and I find it too interesting not to at least do a quick post about it.

As you may know, Kim Jong-Un has been MIA for about a month as of this writing. Meanwhile, there was a snap meeting of the leaders of South and North Korea recently.

Here is a possible scenario for a unification of the two nations. Essentially, what would happen is an junta would be established in the DPRK that would guide the process of unification. In exchange for essentially a huge bribe by South Korea and the West, the new DPRK leadership would sign a peace treaty and open up the country in significant ways. In addition, they would be granted a full pardon. Instead of going to the gallows as they should, the new leadership of the North would walk away from the country they ruined with billions of dollars.

I’m different than a lot of people who deal with this issue — I believe the power of the “Han,” the spirit of Korea, if you will, is too strong and unification would happen much more on the Germany model than anything else. Things between the two Koreas are much more complex, of course, because all the other major powers in the area would prefer things to stay the way they are. The regional powers would prefer that any unification be very slow and give them time to adjust to the new realities. I just don’t see that happening. Once it becomes obvious that the North wants to unify, the political realities in the South would be such that unification would happen a lot faster than anyone would prefer. I would go so far as to suggest that South Korea would even be willing to risk a war with China, damn the consquences. I do think it’s possible that China might invade a portion of the DPRK in an effort to create a rump state to prevent a totally unified Korea being on its border.

But all of this is idle speculation at this point. Anything could happen. Kim Jong-Un could pop up in the next few days and everything go back to “normal.”

I Should Really Stop Creeping On The Facebook Profiles Of People I Don’t Like


Because of a quirk, I am able to see the Facebook profile of someone I don’t like that I would otherwise not be able to see. I don’t know why I keep torturing myself by looking at it. I’m sure this person will figure out soon enough that I can see their profile and block me….but I’m “enjoying” it as long as I can. And if by “enjoying,” you mean “torturing myself” then I guess then you’re right.

But I’ve had my fun. I’ve seen the profile, now I don’t have to see it anymore.

The issue is this person seems to not realize that I still have a reason to be a little bit upset with them. They have blocked me on my main account, yes, but on my new account — created for reasons totally unconnected to them — I see way too much of them that I’d rather not see.

They’ll block me soon enough, I guess. They’ll figure out what’s going on and that will be that. I’m cool with that. I’m waiting for it to happen so I can go back to not thinking about this person anymore. I still think about them enough to base a character on them in the novel I’m working on, but that’s more because I, like, have one plot to my name and their a part of it.


I really, really need to get back to the novel. I need to just start writing. I am a little nervous that this first draft is really bad, but it’s not even a first draft, really. It’s more of general story just to get the plot down. I will print it out, try to force myself to read it — which is unlikely — and then come back to it as soon as I can. What will probably happen is I will finish the first alpha version of the novel, print it out and then just start right up on the next version.

That’s what happened with the first attempt at a novel and there’s no reason to believe I won’t do it with this attempt. It’s my nature to just keep plugging along to see how much I can improve. I am trying, trying to force myself to read novels while I’m writing this novel, but it’s difficult. There are only a few novels that I like enough to read — or re-read — so I am stuck with just two books to influence my writing style.

But I’m going to try to change that.

A Great Movie Concept — SNL Meets ‘Die Hard’


An untitled film concept by Shelton Bumgarner

If anyone is interested in writing the next Die Hard (Or Die Hard-esque) movie, here is one for you. If you want to, I’d even be willing to write it with you.

The story goes something like this — John McClane is now in retirement. He decides to see Saturday Night Live (or a show based on it) for some relaxation. He walks in, gets his seat, and sits back for an hour or so of entertainment. Meanwhile, we see a evil band of ISIS members secretly storming 30 Rock where the live broadcast is being done. They swoop in with precision, silently killing guards and making their way to the live filming without anyone knowing.

They barge into the live show, whip out the ISIS black flag, behead one of the SNL players and make a full list of demands, one of them being that they the cameras stay on them and they get a live telecast. John McClane of course is shocked like everyone else, and figures out a way to get out of the clutches of ISIS without them knowing. Maybe he goes to the bathroom during a commercial break right before the beheading, or something. Anyway, he escapes. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a young Seal Team Six guy in the audience, too.

The two of them have adventures and end up saving the day and killing all the bad guys along the way.

I think this is a great movie concept, but I don’t know anything about plot. It would be a great popcorn movie with edge, it’s just a matter of sitting own and writing it with someone.


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