I am the type of person that I won’t write something without the expectation of an audience. And, I have come to the point where I have done everything I can do in regards to ROKon Magazine. I have written it from very angle, I have repeatedly misspelled Annie Shapiro’s last name and I have written a really long post about what happened in general terms.

So I woke up this morning and felt kind of meh.

I like the excitement of seeing people reading what I have written online about ROKon Magazine, but I have definitely run out of angles. I have two choices — I can just give up, or I can press forward. Given my personality, it is inevitable that I would choose to press forward. I am going to sit down and write the definitive history of ROKon Magazine — but under some conditions.

I am not going to address some of the basic secrets of the ROKon Magazine story. Just not going to do it online. If what I have to write becomes popular, I will spill the beans and that will be that.

The crux of the matter is I know the story of ROKon Magazine so well that I can pretty much sit down and write a memoir length version of the story. But I simply wouldn’t be able to tell the tale alone, without someone out there reading it as I wrote it.

So think of what I am proposing as something of a little experiment.

It will be fun to see if anything comes of it.

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